Buell Motorcycles Unveiled

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Buell Motorcycles Unveiled

Steps away from the deconstructed Berlin Wall, Buell’s Director of Product Communication, Paul James, released the new café racer today among the entire 2009 model line.
In an effort to present the newest of Buell’s American sportbikes to the world press, the manufacturer brought us to Germany to present in high style the worldly café racer 2009 1125CR.
Consisting of six models and three lines, Buell’s street, adventure and sportbike models vary by model and engine configuration but continue the melting pot culture that has grown to exemplify the “American” idea. With parts of the 1125 CR manufactured in China, Italy, Germany and more, the global synergy of buyer, builder and supplier has blurred into one package.
The Buell 1125CR
A café racer for the 21st century - the new 1125CR nods respectfully to the past with clubman bars, flyscreen and a tail cowl, while a 146-hp, liquid-cooled Buell Helicon 1125 V-Twin engine and Buell Intuitive Response Chassis (IRC) deliver the performance and handling of a modern superbike
New on Buell XB Streetfighters
Buell XB Lightning Streetfighters, powered by an air-cooled Thunderstorm V-Twin, get a menacing new look thanks to a blacked-out frame, forks, engine and other components.
New on Buell Sportbikes
The Buell 1125R, powered by the 146-hp, liquid-cooled Buell Helicon 1125cc V-Twin engine, is available in new body and wheel colors and with tinted windscreens for 2009
Firebolt XB12R
The Firebolt XB12R, powered by the air-cooled Thunderstorm 1203cc V-Twin, has a new blacked-out frame, swingarm, powertrain, forks and other components
New on Buell Adventure Sportbikes
The sport-touring Buell Ulysses XB12XT, introduced mid-year 2008, joins the versatile, all-road Ulysses XB12X in the 2009 Buell Adventure Sportbike category.
New Drive Belt
All 2009 Buell XB models will be fitted with a new, more durable Veyance Hibrex drive belt with Flexten Plus technology, the same belt technology that was originally developed for the Buell 1125R.
Economical Buell Blast
The easy-handling and affordable Buell Blast inspires confidence in new riders. Powered by a 34-horsepower, 492cc single-cylinder engine, the 360 lb Blast can achieve 73 mpg highway fuel economy. The Blast is the training vehicle for the Rider’s Edge New Rider course, which has trained more than 100,000 riders since 2000. For 2009, the Blast is offered in new Sunfire Yellow and Midnight Black, both with Stardust Silver wheels.

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