Model 2017 New Bike Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled Test Drive

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Model 2017 New Bike Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled Test Drive 2017 Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled Review | Tabernas desert dust TestWhile 2015 Ducati Scrambler reboot indicated a relationship with a name and styling, the promise was delivered. In fact, the standard Scrambler icon (and its variants) is ready for anything other than the light-duty dirt-roading. Fortunately, it is the most fun motorcycle in the urban environment, as well as ribbons and flattened by canyons.With desert racer look in the style of the sixties, and the desert of the sled and give a true off-road capability of a host of changes that have to scramble at the end of Ducati's latest retro Scrambler into place. BikeSocial's Mark Potter in Valencia, Spain.SUBSCRIBE global launch of other videos and put the bike through its paces for the update
Ducati Scrambler Scrambler sled in the desert, where there may be new languages, but other than the motor, which is equipped to make the street came from the desert converted racebikes scrambling.Although inspiration for the sled to be ready for an all-new motorcycle and one at the end of the 1950s and 1960s, California for deserts, the dirt is rare to see a Ducati. Cut my teeth in the Mojave Desert have become extinct sleds, tires Italy.Looking I see something from the bike is so much more than a converted British streets, they're tough as the desert. Pirellis -19 inch front and 17-inch rear, Desert Sled impressively substantial fashion, and low-profile / fat black tread pattern ground.The puts plenty of rubber on the tires that allow the desert sled ride down the road in two ways. 456 pounds of fat that you are fully capable of changing the direction of the machine can steer with the front tires 120mm. This is great for casual exploration, and for those with more skills on the side of the bike a more aggressive riding style and refuses to do anything unexpected either end.The other option, 170mm rear tire is to steer the machine. Once you have a solid rotation of 8250 rpm and mid-range and short-stroke 803cc has 75 horses, you can break the rear end loose at will. Again, you can confidently allow the fat front tire, and the stones of the desert sled suspension responds in a predictable, inevitable manner.An have to face the fact that the tires were shredded sharp rocks, which means it is ready for the unexpected hits. In both cases, the standard non-adjustable suspension and a relatively spindly forks Scramblers desert of sled delivers.Rather, desert sled is ready for more aggressive riding. In particular, fully adjustable 46mm inverted forks and triple clamps are strong, you want up front gives you a feel for the terrain, as well as almost eight inches travel.There hits, of course, the limits are soaked. Desert before hammering the sled and the next moment or two to compose prefers single hits. One of them disappears in the desert, a series of sled hit a rock and starts to shake. It is going back to anything untoward, but it does not feel rough washboard surfaces start to attack vanishes like a smooth ride. Dialing out some behind the rebound damping, it will help the problem, but that would take away some soft of the sled, just less than 34 inches feel.At settled, the seat height is lower than many adventure and dual-sport bikes; Desert sled seat, for example, novice-friendly Honda CRF250L is less than a half inch. It is rocky and rutted roads evil handling, but there are limitations. The rider does not.