2015 Harley Davidson Street 750 Vivid Black Now For Sale Lindon Utah (801) 434-4647

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2015 Harley Davidson Street 750 Vivid Black Now For Sale Lindon Utah (801) 434-4647 http://www.timpharley.com

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The EICMA Motorcycle show in Milan Italy is the largest Motorcycle show in the world. And Nov 2013 Harley Davidson was there! To reveal the 2015 Street 750.

The All-New Liquid-Cooled Revolution X Engine that powers the 2015 Harley-Davidson Street 750, is a smaller version of the V-Rod engine that was co-designed with Porsche.

XG750 now for sale at Timpanogos Harley-Davidson®

A genuine Harley-Davidson V-Twin built to thrive in high temperatures and heavy traffic. Liquid-cooling means it maintains temperature AND PERFORMANCE! Bring on the stop- and- go traffic. This bike stays cool and ready to respond instantly to your throttle hand. 60 degree cylinders and 4 valves per head, creates plenty of low-end torque. XG750 Great for cruising from Salt Lake City Utah!

2015 Harley Davidson Street 750 Vivid Black Now For Sale Lindon Utah (801) 434-4647

A smooth-shifting 6 speed transmission makes it easy to stay in the powerband when traffic is stop-and-go. And when the road opens up, sixth gear propels you into highway speeds.
The seat height is just 25.7-inches. And the frame and seat are narrow, which makes for an even easier reach. The low seat gives you a low center of gravity for confidence when you’re banking corners.

Slightly forward mid-mount foot controls on the new Harley-Davidson, street 750, put you in a riding position that keeps you comfortable, confident, and ready to maneuver.

The rake of 32 degrees and trail of 4.5 inches on the front end of the new, street 750, motorcycle are optimized for low speed maneuverability. So at low speeds, the ride is predictable.
This motorcycle gives you fast-stopping single disc brakes with dual piston calipers. XG750

2015 Harley Davidson Street 750 Vivid Black Now For Sale Lindon Utah (801) 434-4647

Out front you’ve got a skinny 17-inch wheel. It’s the ultimate combination of a skinny width for light handling and a large diameter for getting over and around rough urban infrastructure. It’s matched to a 15-inch wheel in the rear.

On tight streets, you need a motorcycle built to execute tight turns and nimble moves. With a wheelbase of just 60.4-inches, the Harley-Davidson, Street 750, motorcycle is made for maneuvering in small spaces. The short wheelbase also means this bike responds quickly at higher speeds with a right and left lean Angle of 28.5 degrees.

When you hear the sound pouring out of the upswept muffler on the, street 750, model, you’ll have no doubt that this bike is all Harley Davidson. Tuned to perfection in Harley Davidson’s state-of-the-art sound facility in Wisconsin USA. There is no mistaking the Harley Davidson sound from this two- into-one exhaust.
The café inspired speed screen on this, street 750, is a look that was born in the outlaw street custom culture of the 70’s.
LED tail light and mini-bullet turn signals.

Belt final drive. This technology has been proven over billions of miles, by millions of riders. There’s no better way to get power to the pavement.

2015 Harley Davidson Street 750 Vivid Black Now For Sale Lindon Utah (801) 434-4647

Blacked-out heads, air cleaner cover, and Front End. Black café inspired speed screen, black fork gators and lowers. Even the pullback handlebars are black.

You’re looking at the first all-black exhaust to roll out of a Harley-Davidson factory since the 70’s! when it debuted on the original Café Racer. Black Cast Aluminum Wheels.

Mikuni Single Port Fuel Injection, 3.5 gal tank and 41 mpg.

The 2015 color options are
Mysterious Red Sunglo
Vivid Black
Black Denim

This Harley Davidson Street 750 is for sale right now at Your Harley dealer Timpanogos Harley-Davidson®

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