Indian Scout Bobber review | eye catching motorcycle with classic style

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Indian Scout Bobber | eye catching motorcycle with classic style

The Bobber is an eye-catching motorcycle. It’s a blacked-out bike that maintains a good bit of the traditional “bobber” — a minimalist-style motorcycle stripped of unnecessary accessories and built for performance. The rear fender has a traditional shorter, chopped look. Unlike its namesake, the Bobber has a front fender, but it’s shortened to match the rear. The wider rear tire has a nice look common to a lot of newer bikes on the market. The solo seat hints at further weight reduction and contributes to the overall clean look.

The riding position is more challenging. The Bobber’s handlebar placement and seat position force me to lean forward a little more than I do on other cruiser-style bikes. The result is a little more weight and pressure on the hands. It’s slightly uncomfortable, though not painful, but after riding 90 minutes between Point of Rocks and North Potomac, I find an increased need to stretch my back and stand up at stoplights. The forward-body position may not bother all riders, but I can say it definitely shortened my normal threshold a bit.

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Indian Scout Bobber | eye catching motorcycle with classic style

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